About Me

I have a life-long love for animals. My interest in photography came at age 13 when I set out to archive the many dogs and breeds of Rio de Janeiro. I photographed dogs so I could have my own album describing each breed. As a child, my hours were spent searching for dogs in the street and at home in the company of my photos, my dog magazine subscription (thanks grandma!), and my dog books.

A nutritionist and food scientist by training, I have volunteered as a photographer for a dog rescue in California since 2013. The first thing people do when thinking of adopting a dog is to look for photos of rescue dogs online. By facilitating people to connect with a life-long partner, good photography and images that captures each dog’s personality –at this critical moment– can make a huge difference in the lives of the dogs, the humans that adopt them, and the homes we build together. I seek photographs that speak to our empathy and inspired by these experiences, my work has expanded to photograph seals, owls, raccoons, giant tortoise, eagles, cats and lots and lots of dogs in a range of rescue environments.

I am the happiest when I am covered in slobber, fur and rolling on the ground. I am a Brazilian currently living in Palo Alto - California, married to a Costa Rican husband, and mother of the most amazing rescue mutt, Beta.


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Palo Alto, California + Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

email:    luiza@luizanaslausky.com

web (1):  http://luizanaslausky.com

web (2): http://animals.photography