Versatile Beta: Halloween is here! by Luiza Naslausky

Since I saw Beta I knew she had a huge potential of being Dracula. And Elizabeth Taylor. So here it is: 


I was also very curious to see how she would look as a ghost: 


I guess now we are only missing Beta as Elizabeth Taylor. We will make it happen one day!

Happy Halloween! 

Visiting the SF Zoo by Luiza Naslausky

I can be at a zoo for hours and hours. Actually I can spend hours looking and observing a single animal. The monkeys are usually one of my favorites. Here are some of my photos when I was visiting the San Francisco Zoo. The gorilla on the grass looks just like me yesterday at the park. 


Meeting Beta. And who is Bia? by Luiza Naslausky

We were not searching for a dog when Beta appeared in our lives. At least that is what we thought. I had been doing volunteer photography for DPS (Doggie Protective Services) for 2 years at that time (2013) to help people connect with dogs in need. I was browsing through their website when I came across Beta's picture. I started crying immediately! In front of me I saw Bia, my first dog, which I had for 14 years. Bia had passed away 4 years earlier. 

 I had begged my parents for a dog since I remember being able to talk. Bia came when I was 12. It was my dream finally coming true. When Bia was only 3 we got some pretty bad news. She had glaucoma and she would become blind in a short period of time. It was the first time in my life I had to deal with disease and loss (of certain dreams) and that made me feel the saddest I had ever felt. Bia was blind of one eye at the age of 3 and by the time she turned 5 she lost all sight. I was amazed by how different our lives were compared to what I think it would be at first. Bia adapted super well! Some people couldn't even believe she was completely blind.  Bia lived a happy life until she was 14 years old and I can't imagine growing up without her. Someday I will write a post only about Bia; there is so much I want to say about her. For now, let's get back to Beta. 

 I was decided. I needed to go to the event to see that dog that looked so much like my Bia. I needed to touch her, hug her and feel close to Bia again. Did her fur have a similar touch to Bia's? (The answer is no. Beta has a super thick double coat). Were her ears really as big as Bia's? (Yes, they are huge). There were so many things going through my mind. I got there and asked Tera (DPS's founder) for some time with her and she said the most understanding "Yes, of course" that I could have asked for. After 5 seconds I knew nothing would make me leave Beta behind. I called my husband and he said: Bring her! Let's foster her! And that is what we did. I still can't forget the feeling of putting her in the car and driving home. I felt like 12 again. But we still needed to manage a very important detail. The apartment we were in didn't accept dogs so we would need to move to a new place the fastest we could. Tera kept Beta while we searched for our apartment. After a desperate and intense search we found a place and in 2 weeks we were at our new home. Beta was with us. 

First time I saw and photographed Beta.

First time I saw and photographed Beta.

First night "fostering" her.

First night "fostering" her.